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Bob Purchase Houses Referral Program!

Refer property owners to Bob Purchase Houses.

The way that you get paid is when we buy the property and know that you referred that property owner to us.

The way we keep track of referrals is with our all new CRM System and anytime someone refers anyone to us we are able to enter the source of the property and able to pay you from our marketing budget.

How to send referrals: You are able to send referrals by text or by simply calling any of our local numbers with the address and property owners information or by submitting the short form below or by having them call us and them telling us you told them to call to sell their property.

Our average referral fee is $500 each, so you probably can see, that you can make a good amount of money off some ugly houses and clean up some neighborhoods at the same time. Any Area Any Price Range!

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